Operation White Jindo 5; Final Offensive
                       Operation White Jindo
(April 2010)
In the late winter of 2012, The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK/North)
and Republic of Korea (ROK/South) held intense talks concerning increasing
tensions within the Korean peninsula. Economic impotence in the North and Western
countries dictating policies in the South further inflamed the situation. Since the
signing of armistice in 1953, there had been several provocations by DPRK that
potentially could have spark another open hostilities between the two Korea. Only the
threat of Nuclear War, prevented the two country from resuming  the conflict. The
recent diplomatic negotiation ended in another appeasement from the South and
ominous threat from the North. Current geopolitics in this hemisphere caused
DEFCON 3 posturing by United States, China, Russia and Japan.

In the early summer of 2013, a company size military element from DPRK  crossed
the Demilitarized Zone, 10 miles north of the city of Kansung, in pursuit of insurgents
whom they claimed assassinated a high ranking government official of North Korea. A
military stand off subsequently ensues resulting the DPRK military company being
surrounded by ROK military forces.

This scenario set the stage for Operation White Jindo, the second Korean conflict.
Only your actions as leaders and commanders will dictate the final outcome of this
operation. Good luck men!!
                       Geopolitical players
Northern Alliance
                                                         Southern Alliance                
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Battle Update Korea

Northern Alliance

  Southern Alliance

               Operation White Jindo 3; Summer Offensive

Battle Update Brief (Jun 2011)

North Korea I Army Corps, supported by Chinese air force, broke through the eastern
corridor. Southern Combine Arm Forces dug in the western portion of Kyonggido in
defense of Inchon but was overwhelm by the Northern Alliance. A large Chinese naval
armada landed in the Port of Haeju, in the Northern Province of Hwanghae-do. United
States Armed Forces and its Southern Allies dug in to defend the remaining area they still
control. The war became stagnant as diplomatic options are discussed in Prague. Can a
peace settlement be an option? or will this be another war of attrition.